Hebei Shahe No. 9 Middle School to carry out students’ holiday “visit” activities

2022-08-05 0 By

Charity Newspaper — Charity Online (Charity reporter: Dai Zhaomin, Lu Bingmei, Photo/Wang Yong) hebei News:Since February 10, 2022, for the implementation of the education bureau of sha-he “home visits into the thousands, hand in hand” activity instruction spirit, closely parent-school relationship, communication and further understand the status of the students at home and thought, in a timely manner to track students’ social practice activity holiday, “visit” city of the ninth middle school to carry out the holiday words.Shahe City no. 9 middle school is located in shahe City shallow mountainous area, party branch secretary president Lu Haitao personally bu Shu, personally lead the team, the group arranged the visit.They went to the countryside to visit 328 student families in 53 natural villages of 5 townships and towns, and distributed more than 1500 publicity materials such as the double reduction policy and five management requirements of the National Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China, which further connected the harmonious relationship between school students and families, and received good home visits.Received shahe city education bureau Zhu Rusen director and industry praise.