I am not Dionysus: a comedy about con men

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Two so-called wine will not be drunk, claiming to be the god of wine, they have their own dream – a want to get their own wages, a want to get rich through empty hands.Two separate north and south people, in order to realize the dream met.Sadly, except for the fact that drinking is real, everything else is a hoax.Xiaobian today to introduce such a movie with you – “I am not Dionysian”!Northeast a winery employee Song Hailiang, because the winery factory director arrears employee wages.Led many workers together, with the winery director to ask for wages.The winery owner says his inventory is worth $1 million.The problem of wages can be solved by selling the liquor.It was a ploy on the part of the winery director – the stock was empty boxes.In order to solve the wages of the workmates, Song Hailiang first with their own money, advance to pay the wages of the workmates.Then a new group of workers was called in.Trying to make a new batch of wine.Meanwhile, in southern China, there was xiong Chumo, a man who prowled wine tables looking for customers.Two people met because of a phone call.Xiong Chu Mo decided to song Hailiang hand wine cheat, sell to change their poverty.Song Hailiang decided to pretend to be the director of the factory, after the manufacture of good wine, sell the wine, to solve the plight of himself and his workmates.The two swindlers met in the northeast.In order to conclude the business, the two men kept their secrets from each other.In order to show Xiong the scale of the factory, Song hailiang found a group of fake workers working in the factory.Xiong Chumo in order not to let Song Hailiang know that he is a fake boss.Hear Song Hailiang find yourself, immediately from his rented hotel, ran to the hotel, knocked down a bottle of eighty thousand yuan of foreign wine.In order to cover up, Xiong Chu Mo painstakingly spend eighty thousand compensation.Determined to make the deal, Song found a veteran worker who could make wine.Hoping to produce a batch of good wine.Who knew it was a trap set by the winery director.The director learned that Song Hailiang brewed a batch of good wine.Immediately revealed their true colors – will be a million inventory to Song Hailiang is just a verbal commitment.Now the wine is ripe.These wines are your own.Song Hailiang and Xiong Chu mo are not willing to be cheated by the factory director.Xiong Chu mo proposal, posing as the factory director’s customers, delay time.Song Hailiang took his own wine to negotiate with customers.Song hailiang hopes to impress the director’s Russian customers with his sincerity.But was exposed by the director.The director thought his plan was perfect.But it didn’t occur to me that the old workers didn’t make a million bottles of wine.The gimmick that cheats song Hailiang with original factory director is same.Song Hailiang also with his sincere, in the support of numerous workers, became a new winery director.The classic thing about this movie is that the director uses a bunch of liars to cheat each other for laughs.Finally, close with a happy ending