In 2021, the net profit of Zinc Industry stock was 230 million yuan, down 16.15% year-on-year

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Dig shell network April 1, zinc industry shares (000751) recently released 2021 annual report, the reporting period of the company to achieve operating revenue of 22,843,863,184.77 yuan, year-on-year growth of 108.92%;Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 229,830,167.57 yuan, down 16.15% year-on-year.The net cash flow generated by operating activities during the reporting period was RMB 238,628,149.21, and the net assets attributable to shareholders of the listed company as of the end of 2021 were RMB 2,930,351,877.78.During the reporting period, the company completed product output: zinc 290,000 tons, lead 32,000 tons, copper 117,000 tons, sulfuric acid 836,000 tons;It achieved operating revenue of 22.844 billion yuan and net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 22.983 million yuan.The company’s wholly-owned subsidiary: Huludao Hongyue Northern Copper Co., LTD.Dalian Zindeda Global Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. achieved operating revenue of 7.205 billion yuan and net profit of 2.4625 billion yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies.During the reporting period, the remuneration of directors, supervisors and senior managers totaled 7.689,900 yuan, according to the announcement.Yu Enyuan, director and chairman of the board of directors, Guo Tianli, general manager, Zhang Junting, chief financial Officer, and Liu Jianping, secretary of the board of directors received total pretax compensation of RMB 69400, RMB 622,000 and RMB 229,400 from the company.The disclosure of the announcement shows that the company plans not to distribute cash dividends, not to send bonus shares, not to the accumulation fund to increase capital stock.According to the data of digging shell network, the main business of Zinc industry shares is non-ferrous metal zinc, lead, copper smelting and deep processing products, while the comprehensive recovery of valuable metals such as cadmium, indium, gold, silver, bismuth, etc., and the by-product of sulfuric acid, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, etc.This article comes from digging shell net