“Lack of money to Come to China”, Zhang Nala directly “cool cool”, now 40 years old she is doing

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In fact, when it comes to Zhang Nala, many audiences may be deeply impressed by her film Princess Diaoman, and later she said on a Korean variety show that “if she lacks money, she will go to China”. The power of this sentence directly transformed her from a popular Korean star to a street rat.At that time, the Korean Wave was very influential in Our country, which also led to her outspoken.He even felt that he was the “chosen girl” who could circle money whenever he wanted to come to China.Also because her words let more people wake up to the fact that there is no friendship and love, most of the time money is in charge.At present, because of the relaxation of the “Ban on Korean”, many Korean artists began to move their minds to Develop in China. After all, in terms of size, The Chinese market is indeed the largest.However, zhang’s words also make it difficult for many Korean artists to develop in China, which is a good example after all.That year zhang Nala because of clever appearance, but also because of her childlike face, did attract a lot of love.If she hadn’t said what she really thought, she might still be on the list of favorite Korean artists today.After all, she kept a nice smile on every event she attended in China at that time, but this sentence also showed that it was all an illusion.As red as she was then, she has a bad reputation in our country now.In fact, Zhang Nana is indeed the first batch of Korean artists to China circle money, when the Popularity of the Korean wave also let her come to China for development.She was influenced from an early age by her father, who was a stage actor and gave her a lot of acting opportunities at an early age.While still in high school, she did some print and advertising, which paved the way for her to enter the acting industry.Zhang started her career as a singer in 2001, the same year she starred in her first TV series non-stop.In the second year after entering the industry, she shot “Bright girl Success story” and “Love of the Red Bean Girl”, the launch of these two works also laid her position in the entertainment circle.In the following two years, I made good achievements as a singer or an actor.Later, her father felt that the Chinese market had great potential, so he asked her to develop in China. The broadcast of Princess Diaoman directly opened her market in China.After that, she was honored as the Ambassador of China-South Korea exchange and other titles, but because of her words in the Korean variety show, she completely lost the Chinese market.Although Zhang Nala dejectly withdrew from the Chinese market, it did not affect her market in South Korea, although compared with her previous peak period is not so great, coupled with the release of the “Ban on Korean order”, so that she completely lost the Chinese market.But there was room for her in The Korean market, and she made a lot of good masterpieces back home.”Beauty”, “Remember You”, “VIP”, “Daihatsu Real Estate” and so on have good ratings, and also let her win some awards, generally speaking, her acting is still good, the TV drama is not too much.Although debut for many years, but also can play the female number one, that she still has excellent place.In fact, for Zhang Nala said that sentence, although some netizens put forward the translation problem, but more netizens think that is the subtext of her sentence.Whatever her original intentions, she has now paid the price for what she said. Even an apology could be described as “crocodile tears”.What do you think zhang Nala is like?Picture source network, if there is infringement please contact delete