Lynk 09 affordable sale price from 265,900 yuan at present!

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Anhui Northern Anhui first link center 6S store multiple courtesy waiting for you to come!Replacement models in the shop, the highest can enjoy 4000 yuan replacement subsidy;Additional purchase of any lynk car to the highest level can enjoy a 3,000 yuan additional purchase subsidy (additional purchase is limited to lynk current owners);Maximum 24-term zero-interest loan (03+, 02 Hatchback does not enjoy the purchase policy and financial policy);Lynk 09PHEV users can enjoy free lynk exclusive charging facilities and first installation services, the first owners enjoy free lifetime warranty, free road rescue, free basic data flow for life, plus free 5G high-speed data flow for 5 years, PHEV users also enjoy free lifetime battery warranty;Welcome to call the hotline of ★★★ 972-8785 for consultation, you can go to the shop to receive a customized LYNk exquisite gift!Purchase address: Linke 4S Shop, Vision Automobile City, West Duzhong Road, Bozhou City.Bozhou Far View Starrun Linke Center in-store service VIP treatment: one to one professional service, 24-hour telephone hotline: 400-972-8785.Catering service: free lunch, health flower tea, free coffee, free snacks.Leisure and entertainment: cable TV, computer, VIP lounge area, children’s amusement and rest area, free wifi, etc.Free pick-up service.Welcome you to consult online, to the shop consultation can enjoy more concessions!The event will run from March 29, 2022 to March 29, 2022