Officer xuan!Men’s basketball hopes to join NBA All-Star: Zeng Fanbo will play in the fun shooting competition

2022-08-05 0 By

NBA officials announced on February 5, Beijing time, this year’s All-Star game will launch a new rookie fun shooting competition, Chinese men’s basketball hopeful Zeng Fanbo will represent the Ignite team.A total of four groups are expected to compete in the competition.Team 1: Halliburton and Bain;Team 2: Barnes and Duarte;Three teams: Mobley and Giddy;Team 4: Zeng Fanbo & Michael Foster Jr. (ignite team members).The competition is scheduled to take place before the final of the Rookie Challenge on Feb. 19.The game will feature five classic shots that will honor five of the 75th biggest stars of all time and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NBA.The five spots are magic’s hook shot in the Finals, Charles Barkley’s arc shot in the 1993 playoffs, Ray Allen’s three-pointer from the bottom corner in the Finals with the Spurs, Miller’s eight-point shot in nine seconds against the Knicks, and Lillard’s shot against the Thunder.According to the rules, you need to take 5 shots within 1 minute 30 seconds, two players on each team need to exchange the order of shot, not consecutive shots, do not need to shoot in a specific order.The final shot time of the first team will be the time limit of the second team, the second team must have less time than the first team to advance, and the time limit of the advancing team will be the time limit of the next team.The team that completes the challenge in the shortest time wins the championship.Tseng has seen limited playing time with the Ignite this season, but he has struggled to reach his NBA dreams.Zeng Fanbo is expected to show himself in this exhibition match.