Shout mouth ulcer? Why are you so stubborn?

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I remember reading a medical joke that a director of stomatology told a patient when he was seeing a doctor: “You are in the terminal stage now, and there is no need to prescribe medication.”The patient listened to the director so said, then scared silly, plop a kneel, begged the director to save him.Later it became clear that the director had said that he meant that he had a terminal oral ulcer.A terminal canker ulcer is an ulcer that is close to healing.Oral cavity ulcer is self-limited disease, self-limited disease what meaning?Even if you have a canker ulcer, it will heal itself in 7 to 10 days without intervention or medication.However, oral ulcer, the most stubborn point is easy to recurrent periodic attacks.Why so stubborn?People who have had oral ulcer experience must have experienced oral ulcer that “acid cool” pain, anxious to bite off that piece of bad meat.In addition to the pain, what makes you even more anxious is that there will be people around you who will say, “Look, you don’t listen to me, you love chili and you love masturbating.”After all oral ulcer and “heat” is there any connection, we leave it at that, today to take a systematic look, occurrence of oral ulcer and what factors are concerned.Immune factors are associated with abnormalities in various immune responses.Genetic factors The family genetic probability of oral ulcer is about 40%, both parents have oral ulcer, the incidence probability of their children is about 80%;When one of them had oral ulcers, the probability of their children’s disease dropped to about 50%.Infection factors are divided into bacterial infection and viral infection, bacterial infection has Helicobacter pylori, streptococcus, Virong bacteria, neisseria.Streptococcus, Veillon and Neisseria are common bacteria in saliva.Magnifying glass check the female abdomen for bacteria [give you careful heart] Nutritional factors Trace elements: zinc, iron, copper, selenium deficiency;Deficiency of vitamins A, C, E, B2, B12, etc.Common allergenic foods include milk, condiments, preservatives, chocolate, cheese, wheat flour, tomatoes, peanuts and strawberries.If you want to test for a food allergy, you can determine if it is a food intolerance by testing your food-specific IgG antibody levels.Food allergies can be alleviated by dietary control, but they cannot prevent the recurrence of canker sores.Some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ACE inhibitors, and anti-arrhythmic drugs can cause oral ulcers, such as captopril, nicordil, fluronic acid, phenobarbital, sodium hypochlorite, etc.Clinical studies and epidemiological investigations of systemic diseases show that oral ulcer is closely related to localized enteritis, ulcerative colitis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, hepatobiliary disease, and various digestive tract diseases or digestive disorders caused by parasites.Clinically, about 40%~50% of oral ulcer patients also suffer from gastrointestinal diseases.[Give you careful heart] endocrine factors oral ulcer good hair in women, common women before menstruation or menstrual ulcer attack, and hormone changes in women.Diabetes, anemia, HIV infection, Behcet’s disease, etc.Smoking cessation Factors The nicotine in tobacco plays a positive role in keratinizing the oral mucosa, but smoking is not recommended to prevent ulcers because nicotine increases the incidence of periodontal disease.Psychosocial factors such as anxiety, depression, work and other stressors.For example, students during exams.Oxygen free radical oxygen free radical can damage cell biofilm, increase cell permeability, change the internal and external environment of cells, resulting in cell swelling and dissolution.Visible, no matter be pathogenic factor, or cause a factor, cause the occurrence of oral ulcer factor is enough, oral ulcer just so stubborn, lingering for a long time.Not only now, but also in Hippocrates, who was the first scholar to describe canker ulcers.Although oral ulcer is easy to happen and relapse, bring many troubles to life, but with the efforts of people concerned, the treatment of oral ulcer, whether traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, are more and more immediate results.Next time we will share “Old Urchin” canker ulcer, you are warmly welcome to join us and share your way of dealing with canker ulcer.How annoying canker sores are