Tang Yin emergency bureau: Liu Pai qi gave up small home, for everyone, a total of anti-epidemic

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Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.On January 13, Liu Paiqi, the emergency Management Bureau of Tangyin County, went deep into the front line and was transferred to the county epidemic prevention and control headquarters. He was successively responsible for the second single screening of all positive cases in the county and the hotline set up by the county headquarters to solve the problems of the masses.To screen positive cases at the beginning of the second solid review work, must be 24 hours emergency war footing, check the entry quarantine personnel and party identity information timely and accurately, lock waiting for inspection personnel to the location, contact in grid, villages and towns, isolated point responsibility, coordination of emergency vehicles, medical personnel to carry out household nuclear inspection and delivery of samples and other related matters.The work more than the people involved, wide scope, coordinate various departments, villages and towns, villages, such as isolated point task is heavier, higher precision and timeliness requirements at the same time, but under the unified leadership of the headquarters, the villages and township in public security, WeiJian, CDC and cooperate comrade, isolated points, in a respectable lovely under the full support of the masses of volunteers, overnight, to overcome the difficulties,Completed the phased work tasks.Since January 27, I began to take charge of the hotline for solving problems of the masses. Together with my colleagues and volunteers, I have handled more than 1,200 matters, and properly dealt with people’s livelihood issues such as urgent medical treatment, drug purchase, and policy consultation on returning to soup after leaving the isolation centers.Looking back on the recent work, I am worried about the difficulties and sufferings of the people, moved by the silent efforts of the role models around me, ashamed of the full support of my family members, and proud of the strong leadership of the organization.He is just one of many party members, cadres and workers on the front line to fulfill their basic duties and obligations.The battle goes on and victory is at hand.Come on, comrades!Tang Yin refueling!