Traffic restrictions will resume in Xi ‘an next Wednesday

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Just now, Xi ‘an traffic police issued a document, announced that the resumption of traffic restrictions from February 16.The full text is as follows: On December 20, 2021, in accordance with the needs of epidemic prevention and control in Xi ‘an city and with the approval of the Municipal government, Xi ‘an city suspended the implementation of vehicle tail-plate restrictions.At present, Xi ‘an has fully entered the normal stage of epidemic prevention and control, and the traffic flow of the city has steadily recovered after the Spring Festival holiday.On January 28 and 29, 2022, the traffic flow of the city has exceeded the level of the same period last year, and the traffic flow of Lianhu, Jingkai, Qujiang and other areas has reached more than 108% of last year.On February 6 and 7, xi ‘an’s third and third grade students started school, and the city’s traffic flow returned to the normal level. On February 10, the city’s traffic flow reached more than 101.1% of the normal pre-epidemic flow.On February 16, primary and secondary schools in Xi ‘an will be fully reopened. The traffic flow of urban roads will continue to rise, and the traffic operation will face greater pressure.In order to ease the traffic congestion, after consultation with the traffic Management Bureau of Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau, Xi ‘an Ecological environment Bureau and Xi ‘an Transportation Bureau and with the consent of the municipal government, Xi ‘an city will resume the traffic management measures of the last number of motor vehicles on working days on Wednesday, February 16.Urban traffic cannot be separated from the support of every citizen. It is hoped that more citizens can adopt the way of green travel, advocate the traffic concept of “driving one day less per week for four days of smooth road”, and jointly maintain the good traffic environment of Xi ‘an.In order to relieve the pressure of urban road traffic, promote the orderly operation of urban road traffic, and reduce the impact of vehicle exhaust emissions on air quality,In accordance with the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, Air Pollution Prevention Law of the People’s Republic of China, Implementation Measures of Shaanxi Province, Road Traffic Safety Regulations of Xi ‘an City, Exhaust Pollution Prevention regulations of Motor Vehicles and Non-road Mobile Machinery of Xi ‘an City, and other laws and regulations, with the approval of the Municipal Government,It is decided to resume the traffic management measures of the restriction of the last number of motor vehicles on weekdays in the relevant areas of The city.1. Travel restriction time: from February 16, 2022 (Wednesday) to November 11, 2022 (Friday), working days from 7:00 to 20:00.No restrictions on statutory holidays and public holidays;If the public holiday due to a statutory holiday off for working days, no limit.2. Restricted area: within the administrative area of Xi ‘an, centered within the area of Xi ‘an Ring Expressway, it extends southward to the north of Zhongnan Avenue, Yandu Road and The connection of Samsung Expressway (excluding), east of Xihan Expressway and west of Xizuo Expressway;It extends northward to the enclosed area south of north Xixian Ring Road (excluding), east of Yanxi Expressway and west of Xiyu Expressway.Motor vehicles that pass through this municipality’s expressways but do not exit the expressways shall be allowed to pass without taking any driving restriction measures.Three, the driving restriction regulations: the daily limit of two license plate (including temporary) last number (if the last number is an English letter, to the last number of the license plate) of motor vehicles, Monday is limited to 1 and 6, Tuesday is limited to 2 and 7, Wednesday is limited to 3 and 8, Thursday is limited to 4 and 9, Friday is limited to 5 and 0.4. If an out-of-town motor vehicle enters a restricted driving area, the provisions of this circular shall apply.(1) New energy vehicles with special new energy license plates.(2) School buses, buses, cruise taxis, new energy network booking taxis and fast freight taxis, large and medium-sized buses with more than 9 seats (excluding 9 seats).(3) tourist buses and road buses with operation certificates issued by the municipal administrative department of transport and painted with special marks;Postal vehicles and express delivery vehicles registered with the municipal postal administrative department and issued with special marks for archival filing;Approved by the civil affairs department, special civil affairs relief vehicles sprayed with the logo of “special relief” or “Xi ‘an Rescue”.(4) funeral vehicles of funeral parlors.(5) Special vehicles for disabled persons driven by physically disabled persons.(6) Fire engines, ambulances, engineering rescue vehicles, military and police vehicles, administrative law enforcement vehicles with uniform marks painted, flood control vehicles, emergency vehicles, special vehicles for removing obstacles, and special operation vehicles for garden, sanitation and road maintenance.(7) Armored vehicles, medical waste transfer vehicles and traffic accident insurance survey vehicles for carrying out missions.(8) Vehicles with “enabling” or “obtaining” license plates and vehicles approved for temporary entry.(9) approved by the competent department of industry, and in the municipal public security traffic management department for the record, holding the motor vehicle green passport issued by the competent department in charge of the “green channel” vehicle (namely the vehicle transport vehicles of fresh agricultural products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood, live livestock, fresh meat, eggs, milk, etc.), a unified identity of grain and oil food delivery vehicles.6. The public security traffic management, resource planning, transportation, urban management, metro, urban investment and housing construction departments should deepen the construction of urban smart transportation system, constantly optimize and increase the planning and setting of bus lanes, and further improve the transport capacity and service level of buses and subways;Speed up the construction of slow traffic system, scientifically set up non-motor vehicle and pedestrian channels, reasonably increase the number of public bicycle stations and increase vehicle delivery, to maximize the needs of citizens to travel, and comprehensively improve the scientific management of urban traffic.We will do our best to provide emergency support for road traffic in case of emergencies and inclement weather.7. Ecological environment departments shall strengthen real-time monitoring of environmental air quality index, do a good job in supervision, detection and law enforcement of vehicles discharging excessive emissions, and strive to improve air environment quality.Viii. Motor vehicle prohibition (restriction) during emergency response to heavy pollution weather shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations.Ix. Any violation of the provisions of this circular shall be corrected and investigated by the departments of public security, ecological environment and transportation in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.10. The traffic management department of public security, ecological environment department and traffic and transportation department may adjust the area, time period and rules of traffic restriction management timely according to the actual situation of road traffic and air pollution, and notify the public in advance.This is to inform Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau Xi ‘an Ecological Environment Bureau Xi ‘an Traffic transportation Bureau February 11, 2022 Source: Xi ‘an Traffic Police