8 in a row!The Nets fell to seventh place in the Eastern Conference, scoring only 29 points in the second half

2022-08-06 0 By

Has 7 defeats the nets had the nuggets in today, so to fill a basket network own record, 8 in a row, the nets in the east of the first team had dropped to seventh in the east, it is worth mentioning that harden not to play the game, the nets once an edge in the first half, but thoroughly exploded in the third quarter, the entire second half the team only had 29 points,He lost the game.Turning point occurred in the third quarter of the game, because the nets only scored 16 points in this section, the presence of the players feel nothing, was the nuggets ringing off the hook, the coaching staff at this time of need for timely adjustments in the form of, but apparently Steve Nash didn’t have any effect, to make decisions is worse, the nets in small group no effective counterattack, but worse than the third quarter,The team scored only 13 points, watched its opponents crush it, and became the laughingstock of the league.About the SIMS with a switch harden, opinions vary over the last few days, although Nash said repeatedly clarified harden will not be traded, harden likes to stay in the nets, but this is not enough to take the clearly, speculation is likely to exist a certain differences between two people, a lot of fans feel why not simply change the coach, because Nash as a head coach, coaching is not top,It’s not going to be easy. The owner is a huge Nash fan and the two have a business relationship, so it’s unlikely Nash will be fired during his contract.