Attacking giant: why can’t Sister Wang beat Dr. Yeager?This episode finally provides the answer

2022-08-06 0 By

At present, adapted from the cartoon of the same name jian Shan chuang TV animation “Attack the Giant final season” has been updated to the 20th episode.In this episode, we get a third-person look at some of the facts of the year.It turned out that the wall of Maria on Palladia island was destroyed on the day that Doctor Yeager captured the power of giant, the ancestor of Royal sister Frida, in the secret base of the Royal Family of Reis.So the question is, why can’t Sister Wang beat Dr. Yeager?This episode finally provides the answer.1 First, Dr. Yeager was not alone in his battle.In the 20th episode of the TV anime Attack on giants final Season, it is mentioned that when Dr. Yeager arrives at the underground secret base of the Raith family, his two very powerful sons are standing behind him.In other words, he was not alone in his battle with his sister, but with strong support: his eldest son, Jick, cheered on one side, and his youngest, Alan, tactically guided on the other.2 Second, sister Wang was influenced by the oath of non-war.Since the true royal family of the wall (house Reyes) is under the influence of the oath of no War, the royal sister must blame herself every time she fights.This is most deadly when two armies are engaged.In addition, wang Jie’s personality is very kind and gentle.This is also an important factor affecting combat power.The exertion of giant power is related to many factors, and the strength of noumenon is also crucial.Sister Wang is weak in character, and so is her giant strength.The truth is, this is the real reason why Wang Can’t beat Dr. Yeager.In episode 20 of the TV anime Attack on the Giants Final Season, fans finally learned the truth about the power of the original giants.