“Changsha Center answers” these hot questions of speech correction, listen to the authoritative answers

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In any occasion and environment, language plays a unique role in making information communication in human society more convenient and complete.Therefore, many parents will pay special attention to the development of children’s expression when they are young, because it means he has a greater advantage than his peers.However, the development of language has to follow the law and promote, exert too much external force, but will affect the child’s language, and even lead to a series of language problems, such as stuttering, big tongue, language delay and so on.With the emergence of language problems, some people give up resistance as soon as they meet, thinking that they may only be able to speak inclearly for the rest of their lives. Their self-confidence gradually loses in the encounter with a wall.In fact, most language problems can be corrected, and giving up the opportunity to correct them now will only set you up for life.Let’s take stuttering as an example. Why do many people have a fear of stuttering?In fact, it has to do with their lack of understanding of the problems associated with eating and stuttering, so that when a stutter appears, it suddenly becomes out of place, which in turn makes the stuttering problem worse.In addition to stuttering, many people are more worried about language problems or physical defects, because these problems are not only difficult to correct, but also make the child’s personality will become more extreme, such as part of the cleft palate children’s temper is more irritable, not willing to cooperate with their parents, orthodontics and so on.In view of the repeated occurrence of these situations, xiaobian summarized some language problems we are concerned about, specifically asked the experts in changsha Center of our organization, asked her to answer these problems and language problems, language correction for us.The first question: the baby language development is delayed, need to delay a year to go to kindergarten?Changsha center experts: whether children with language retardation should delay kindergarten for a year depends on the severity of the child’s problems.If the baby’s language problem is so serious that it can hardly be expressed normally, it must be a year later to go to kindergarten, after all, we need to provide corrective time for the child’s language recovery.Of course, if the baby’s problem is relatively mild, can barely communicate, then we can choose to go to school while the way of correction.In addition, parents should also pay attention to the children with severe language delay, even if they enter kindergarten, they may feel uncomfortable because they cannot communicate with their peers normally, and may be laughed at and excluded by other children, or even suffer from school violence and so on.Second question: why does the child do well in the language institute class and still stutter at home?Nowadays, many language institutions will use their own way to show the correction effect for parents, so that parents can witness the learning results of every lesson, and our institution is no exception.However, there is a part of the after-school testing institutions are suspected of fraud.For example, they use singing to show their verbal effects, but this method does not improve the expression, only the appearance of a change.Parents should know that stuttering therapy is more about consistency of speech, so professional organizations will focus on this aspect when testing results.So parents should pay special attention to this point when choosing language institutions, try to choose professional enough, and provide “class test” and “one to one correction” institutions.The third question: when the baby was just born, there was no problem in the examination, then how was suddenly diagnosed as hearing impairment?Parents need to understand that neonatal testing is not a panacea, and some minor items that cannot be observed by the naked eye and need to be coordinated with each other cannot be done, such as hearing, intelligence and so on.In addition, some physical problems are more likely to arise as children grow up due to certain factors, such as injury, medication, and illness.Therefore, from 0-3 years old this period, parents should pay special attention to the health of their children, it is best to take their children to the hospital regularly for physical examination, timely discovery of problems.In addition, in determining the need for language correction, parents can not delay, must take their children to the language institution as soon as possible.Finally, parents and friends should not think that speech correction is a panacea.Some parents don’t trust speech therapy, but others blindly trust it to solve their child’s speech disorder, no matter what the cause is.Some parents even believe that as long as they receive speech therapy, their children can recover their language skills immediately and can speak their own words.But we should know that language correction is a scientific language correction system, it is not a panacea, a medicine can immediately return to normal.Secondly, the purpose of language correction is to restore the language barrier children to the level of their peers, and to communicate with people normally.Of course, there is no doubt that the best choice for language problems is still language therapy.