Fugou county led the team to carry out investment activities

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From March 8 to March 11, Sun Hongwei, secretary of Fugou County Party Committee, led a team to Xuzhou of Jiangsu Province and Yuhuan and Shaoxing of Zhejiang province to carry out investment promotion activities.County commerce bureau, county industry and information bureau, county hair investment group and other relevant departments responsible for comrades to participate in the activities.Along the way, Sun Hongwei and his party entered the factory, looked at the project, negotiated busily, sought the business cooperation opportunity, planned the fugou development plan.On the afternoon of March 8th, accompanied by Liu Zhipei, vice Chairman of Jiangsu Jinpeng Group Co., LTD and Jimai New Energy Vehicle Co., LTD, Sun Hongwei and his delegation visited Jinpeng New energy Vehicle Industrial Park, Jinpeng Vehicle Co., LTD and Jimai New Energy Vehicle Co., LTD.To have a detailed understanding of the enterprise’s development history, production and processing, RESEARCH and development, manufacturing, operation mode, market prospects and other situations and hold symposiums.During the symposium, the two sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions on specific issues related to cooperation.Sun Hongwei, secretary of Fugou County Party Committee, introduced fugou county’s situation, location advantages, industrial base and business environment in detail.He pointed out that in recent years, fugou insist on manufacturing high quality development as the main direction, focus on building of auto parts and accessories manufacturing, cotton textile and printing and dyeing processing level two billions of industrial cluster, aimed at the information technology, intelligent equipment, new energy vehicles, and emerging areas, such as key parts on the carrier of advanced manufacturing industry development zone,We will accelerate the upgrading of the industrial base and the modernization of the industrial chain, and improve the leading industrial system and industrial chain.Welcome Jiangsu Jinpeng Group Co., Ltd. and Jimai New Energy Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. to fugou for a visit, to further strengthen communication, refine the cooperation plan and promote mutual benefit and win-win cooperation on new energy vehicles and other projects!Liu Zhipei introduced the industry development trend of new energy vehicles and elaborated on the construction scale, cooperation mode, supporting industries and cooperation prospects of Jimai new energy vehicle project.He said fugou County has a strong momentum of development and a good investment environment. He looked forward to close exchanges between the two sides for common progress, win-win cooperation and common development.March 9 to 10, the delegation drove thousands of miles to Taizhou Yuhuan Huanzhou Steel Industry Co., LTD., Taizhou Haoer Industrial Company, Taizhou Tongdong Manufacturing Co., LTD., Yuhuan Diao Machinery Co., LTD., Yuhuan Jinhui Machinery Co., LTD., Yuhuan jade automobile Group Co., LTD.Hong-wei sun line walk while see, with the enterprise in-depth, head of the docking discussion, detailed understanding of the enterprise product design, production sales, development planning, etc., and can recommend companies widely FuGou auto parts and accessories manufacturing industry development advantages, we sincerely invite the enterprise group to FuGou investigation research, actively use their respective advantages, promote industrial cooperation success.On March 11, Sun Hongwei and his delegation visited Shaoxing Longfeng Textile Industrial Park. They inspected the textile production workshop, product sample exhibition hall and technology R&D and design room, and had an in-depth understanding of the enterprise’s production and operation, printing and dyeing technology, production and sales.Sun hongwei expressed that Fugou has good basic conditions and elements guarantee in cotton textile and printing and dyeing processing industry. He hoped that enterprises could visit Fugou and strive to reach cooperation as soon as possible.During the inspection, Sun Hongwei required the responsible members of the accompanying departments to take the opportunity of this investment promotion inspection activity, bow down to the bureau, take the initiative to docking, strengthen communication with enterprises, study the follow-up work of docking projects, and provide enterprises with a good investment environment, preferential investment policies and high-quality service guarantee.We will strive to make the intended projects signed early, the signed projects landed early, the landing projects started early, and the projects started early, so as to inject new vitality and contribute new momentum to the high-quality development of Fugou’s economy and society.(Li Dewei song Fuxing)