German athletes’ medal box damaged, BoCOG sends’ new ‘MEDALS

2022-08-06 0 By

The Winter Olympic Games are not only a grand event for athletes from all over the world, but also a symbol of human unity and friendship.Half way through the Beijing Winter Olympics, on the ice and snow, there is a collision of speed and passion.On and off the field, not only MEDALS and records, but also the friendship between athletes and service personnel. The united and friendly interaction shows the open and inclusive Chinese style and the Olympic spirit.Berlin (Reuters) – A German female ski jumper who lost her silver medal in a damaged white box on her flight home on Sunday shared her frustration on her social media platform with a weeping emoticon.Bocog quickly learned of the situation.It is understood that the packaging boxes used for the medal storage of the winning athletes are strictly screened and arranged, with unique codes.In order to make the German athlete’s journey to Beijing 2022 without regret, the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee immediately prepared a new medal box.On February 12, a special messenger was sent to the staff of the German delegation who had not yet left, asking them to give it to the award-winning athlete.The small medal box carries not only the weight of a silver medal, but also the blessings and respect from China.The warm and friendly service provided by the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee has brought warmth and friendship to the athletes.Beijing Olympic Committee (BOCOG) sent a warm “new” medal box to Germany after it was damaged.