Guangdong province’s GDP surpasses Korea, Korea 52 million people, ordinary people how much money is a month’s salary?

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In the previous article, the author talked with you about the salary standard and salary range in neighboring Russia. It has to be said that the salary level in Russia is roughly the same as that in China, basically matching China’s four major first-tier cities and several new first-tier cities.It is a foregone conclusion that The GDP of Guangdong will surpass that of South Korea in 2021.How much does the average person in South Korea earn in a month based on 2022 wages for a population of more than 52 million?Today, let’s talk about that question.First, let’s talk about the basics of South Korea.South Korea is a northeast Asian country and one of the Four Asian tigers at that time.South Korea has a population of more than 52 million, slightly higher than China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.More than 10 million of them live in Seoul, South Korea’s capital and largest city.South Korea’s total GDP for 2021 has not yet been released.South Korea traditionally releases its OWN GDP figures in March.In 2020, South Korea’s total GDP was about $1.63 trillion.In 2020, The GDP of China’s Guangdong province will be about $1.61 trillion, slightly higher than that of South Korea.But in 2021, Guangdong is growing fast.GDP for the year totaled 12.4 trillion yuan, or about $1.92 to $1.93 trillion at the exchange rate.South Korea’s total GDP for 2021 has not yet been released, so we can only guess.From the economic growth rate announced by South Korea, the GDP of Guangdong province exceeds That of South Korea, which is a foregone conclusion.No matter how you calculate it, South Korea’s total GDP is unlikely to soar above $1.9 trillion in 2021.However, there is still a suspense that the GDP of Jiangsu province in China can surpass that of South Korea.In 2021, the GDP of Jiangsu province totaled 11.6 trillion yuan, or about $1.82 trillion.It remains to be seen whether it can surpass Korea.In fact, Korea’s economic development is interesting.Korea was originally part of the Lee Joseon regime, and it is well known that lee Joseon had a very good relationship with the Central Plains Dynasty, learning from the Central Plains dynasty in culture, clothing, architecture, imperial examinations and other aspects.At the same time, it was one of the three core vassal states of the Central Plains dynasty.However, in the late 19th century, the Western powers launched a series of wars against the suzerain Qing Dynasty, which was defeated again and again and was unable to maintain its suzerain vassal system.At the same time, Japan, which faced the Qing Dynasty across the sea, rose rapidly after the Meiji Restoration.In 1894, Japan defeated the Qing Dynasty and Lee Joseon became a Japanese sphere of influence.Later, Japan simply annexed the Korean peninsula.Under Japanese rule, the north of the Korean Peninsula was designated as an industrial zone and the south as an agricultural zone.Because of this difference, until the 1960s, the economic strength of the north of the peninsula was still significantly higher than that of the south.After Japan’s defeat in 1945, Korea was established in the southern part of the peninsula due to various factors.South Korea’s economy did not start out well.By the 1960s, that had changed a lot.1962 The United States entered the Vietnam War on a massive scale.America’s strategic focus was in Europe, against the Soviet Union.Therefore, other countries are needed to help fight in Southeast Asia.During this period, South Korea actively sent troops to assist the United States.Of course, South Korea gained a lot from the war.First, most of the U.S. military orders are made in South Korea, which greatly boosts South Korea’s manufacturing industry and expands its industrial scale.Second, South Korea has borrowed heavily in dollars.On the cusp of the third technological revolution, Korea is seizing the opportunity.In the 1980s, South Korea’s economy continued to grow and it became one of the Asian Tigers, known as the “Miracle on the Han River.”Let’s talk about wages in South Korea, where hourly wages are the norm.Starting from January 2022, the minimum wage in Korea will be 9,160 won, or 73,000 won per day based on an eight-hour workday.If he works eight hours a day for five days a week, he earns 1.914 million won a month.Then, how much will it be in RMB?Based on the current exchange rate, it is approximately 48.7 yuan per hour, 388 yuan per day and 10,180 yuan per month.I have to say that such minimum wage standards are relatively high.In China’s first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, many white-collar workers also earn between 10,000 and 20,000 yuan.However, a very interesting situation emerged, many industries in South Korea’s wage standard, only slightly higher than the minimum wage standard.According to the statistics compiled by some organizations in South Korea, those who earn 2 million won to 4 million won a month account for the vast majority of south Korean workers.Only those who work for a few large conglomerates in South Korea can earn more than 5 million won a month, or 26,600 yuan, if they have certain technical advantages.However, the number of Koreans who actually meet this standard is not very large anymore.Lawyers, doctors, financial analysts and highly skilled workers earn more than five million won a month.South Korean civil servants are paid more than 5 million won a month.Therefore, every time South Korea’s civil service recruitment, South Korea’s young people in the industry volume is very serious, there has been thousands of troops across a narrow bridge.As a result, many cities in South Korea have opened various sprint classes.For Korean girls, boys who work in public offices in Seoul and come from middle or well-off families are considered desirable.There are a series of stories about wage standards and economic development in various countries around the world, and there are many more. 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