In 2011, the death row prisoner who had been executed by firing squad for 9 years in Hubei province was “resurrected”, and another unsolved case was pulled out after the truth was found out

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King wen | easier to edit | figure to trace on June 6, 2002, hubei yichang intermediate court repeatedly were carried out for a robbery, murder, named “jian-min tang” condemned the execution, the sinfulness of recidivist finally to confess.Surprisingly, tang jianmin was rediscovered in 2011, “back from the dead”, working in Beijing all the year round, married with children and living a comfortable life.Why did Tang Jianmin “come back from the dead”?What new tragedy is behind this?1, ferocious robbers, not only want money but also hurt the prisoner named “Tang Jianmin”, in Hubei area long-term crime.One of his favorites was to follow some single female workers, who walked alone after work at night and robbed them at knifepoint when no one was around.It would not have been a crime to commit robbery, but this habitual offender was so vicious that he stabbed his victim in cold blood, with skill and ferocity, despite the victim’s obedience to the sight of him with a knife.All of a sudden, the local community has become so fearful that many female workers are afraid to go out at night.However, as the saying goes, “Walking too much at night will always encounter ghosts.”This “Tang Jianmin” repeatedly committed crimes, in the implementation of four robberies, was finally arrested by the local police.The arrested criminals immediately like a lost dog, in prison confessed to their own robbery, and told the police that he was called Tang Jianmin.After investigating everything, the police found that the facts were basically true, so they sentenced him to death according to law.However, family members are often informed after a death sentence has been imposed by the court.Especially this “Tang Jianmin” age is not big, how to let his parents know the situation, let relatives come to collect the body.So the court sent a letter to Tang jianmin’s father, Tang Dianzhong.The village committee was alarmed when it received the letter, because the Tang family was out of town.Seeing that it was from the court, the village council knew there was no room for delay, so they decided to see what was going on before deciding whether to go to them.When they opened the envelope, they were stunned: Tang dianzhong’s son had committed a crime, and still committed four robberies in a row, two of which seriously stabbed the victim?This made people in the village wonder.Because Tang Jianmin is very familiar to everyone, he is a very positive young man in everyday life, we do not dare to believe that he would commit a crime, and was sentenced to death.But before they could be surprised, they were even more surprised a month later when Tang Jianmin, who had already been executed, came back to the village alive and well, and did not look like a man on the run.He came back from the city with bags and bags, apparently from a part-time job, and presumably made a little money.Even if it doesn’t get rich, it doesn’t reduce it to robbery.What’s going on here?2. “Back from the dead”?After hearing that he was unexpectedly “shot to death”, Tang Jianmin is also surprised to speak for a long time.He had never been to a court in Hubei, or even to a court in Hubei, so how could a court in Hubei shoot him?As for four robberies, it is a myth.The incident soon became the talk of the village.Tang Jianmin and others did not go to the Yichang Court in Hubei province, after all, he was neither arrested nor shot, it must be that there is something wrong with the letter.Fortunately, hubei province in 2009, the people there said the truth of the matter, so that people understand a “resurrection” case, and found a bizarre homicide.Zhang Wenhua is a paper business owner. He has been working in society since junior high school, and selling paper products makes little money.He is a lazy, unwilling to do solid work, one after another with the pyramid selling organization on the society, a person called Li Jun pulled him into the pyramid selling organization.But two people come together is not because of what friendship, these two people are not good people, come together because of interests.Such fair-weather friends are very unreliable.In a prostitute in the process of conflict between the two people, Li Jun hit Zhang Wenhua.After the event to Zhang Wenhua li Jun please eat a meal, in The eyes of Li Jun two people are also “reconciled”, but Zhang Wenhua did not think this thing is so.He has always been not what good men and women, this Li Jun unexpectedly dare to eat his meal, that he did not intend to let Li Jun.And the Zhang Wenhua is very cruel and merciless, his idea is not to say how to pit Li Jun, but how to kill Li Jun directly.But Li Jun grow tall and powerful, can do the pyramid selling leader is not what a man of faith, he is a person to deal with Li Jun really not grasp.But Zhang Wenhua is a “mind” person, he suddenly thought of another person – his junior high school classmate Xu Hao.Although the Xu Hao is his junior high school classmate, and before he is still playing well, but Zhang Wenhua has a grudge against this Xu Hao.To Do xu Hao ying Xu primary school music teacher, Zhang Wenhua wanted Xu Hao to help him win the ying Xu primary school paper contract right, but Xu Hao is just an ordinary music teacher, where have the power to help him visit such a big business, the final business did not talk.But Zhang Wenhua felt that Xu Hao was too stingy and unwilling to work for himself, so he also held a grudge.Xu Hao did not know what Zhang Wenhua meant.So Zhang Wenhua’s eyes whirled, the plan came to the heart, a vicious trick in his heart basically formed.He invited Xu Hao to kill Li Jun to practice courage.This lang Lang qiankun invited people to kill, which li Xu Hao willing to do.But Zhang Wenhua is really a evil talent, I do not know what he took hold of Xu Hao’s soft ribs, or in other ways, finally he really agreed to Zhang Wenhua.On the evening of July 24, 1997, Zhang wenhua invited Li Jun to his home for drinks and dinner. Xu Hao was also waiting for Li Jun at his home.Li Jun thought Zhang Wenhua before all with their reconciliation, this time to invite yourself to dinner, mostly younger brother consciousness, so do not suspect him, he went to drink directly.Sure enough, After Li Jun went to Zhang Wenhua was very respectful to him, even Zhang Wenhua’s friend Xu Hao was very respectful to him.As the two men toasted him cup after cup, Li Jun’s little suspicion was dispelled.After three rounds of wine, all three were drunk.Zhang Wenhua is also drunk, unexpectedly shouted to compare strength with Li Jun.Thinking that Zhang wenhua was just a defeated general, Li Jun agreed with him because he was drunk and had drunk too much.So Zhang wenhua hugged Li Jun, and immediately did not look like a drunk person.He ordered Xu Hao with a good look, Xu Hao immediately took out a rope prepared in advance, directly to the neck of Li Jun over.Li Jun felt the neck was trapped, wine strength suddenly woke up, suddenly crazy struggle.At this time Zhang Wenhua and Xu Hao two people have not killed anyone, for a time is also panic up.In desperation, Zhang Wenhua took out a hammer and hit Li Jun’s head hard.The hammer soon hit Li Jun head bleeding, the strength of the struggle slowly disappeared, and finally completely silent.Zhang Wenhua also felt uneasy, and took the rope on his neck ruthlessly for a long time.After a long time, they finally stopped.But the peaceful world is bound by law. How could these two men escape now that they had killed?Zhang Wenhua saw Xu Hao flustered, he had ready to take Xu Hao to a gas station.There is a pond at the entrance of the gas station, in order to let Xu Hao rest assured, he scratched li Jun’s face with a sharp knife, resulting in the whole face of Li Jun was scratched messy, even if the body was found, it is difficult to find who is.So they walked away.Xu Hao followed Zhang Wenhua as an accomplice, but foolishly thought it would be able to escape legal sanctions, did not expect to be captured by the police soon.The body in the pond was found the next day.And five days later there are four young people trembling to the police report, said Zhang Wenhua told them: Xu Hao and Zhang Wenhua killed Li Jun in order to practice bravery.The police, of course, asked where Zhang Wenhua and Xu Hao were, but the four young men told the police: Zhang Wenhua they told them through a BB machine and letters.The police hurriedly dispatched police to arrest, Xu Hao was directly arrested, Zhang Wenhua had long fled.After being caught Xu Hao still feel lucky – after all, he did not personally kill people, just an accomplice, no matter how to say it is the most not to die of crime.Who knows a few days later the police received a letter from Zhang Wenhua, thoroughly pushed Xu Hao into the abyss.Zhang confessed to his crimes in the letter, even cutting Li Jun several times, he wrote clearly in the letter.That would confirm the authenticity of his letter.In the letter, however, he, Zhang Wenhua, is portrayed as an accessory, while Xu Hao is the mastermind of Li Jun’s murder.But Ms. Zhang has no hope of escaping with a letter.’You don’t need to look for Zhang wenhua anymore, because when you find him again, he will have committed suicide by jumping into a river and become a corpse,’ he told the police in the letter.The police were fooled by this letter. Did he really commit suicide by jumping into the river?The key is xu Hao in the end is the principal or accomplice?The court sentenced Xu to death with a two-year reprieve because of the severity of his crimes, though an autopsy later found Zhang was the main culprit.Xu and his family have repeatedly petitioned for the sentence to be changed – since Xu was not the main culprit and did not commit the murder, he could not be sentenced to death.After the police for Xu Hao application for probation, but Xu Hao’s father died because of excessive fear, Xu Hao also becomes depressed because of this, the police immediately shot himself, lest parents to wait for his release and run.This time we all want to ask: Zhang Wenhua really jumped into the river to commit suicide?Organs calculate, escape tiannet sanctions lost life Zhang Wenhua will not commit suicide!He was selfish and vicious, and he set the highest value on his own life.He knew he had to run away if he committed the murder, so he went to Hubei to mix with others.In order to make himself look like “suicide”, he took advantage of the big data at that time, in the name of his cousin Tang Jianmin gave himself a fake IDENTITY card, and then went around robbing as Tang Jianmin.Zhang Wenhua’s “stratagems” are not imprecise.However oneself commit evil cannot live, he rob means malicious hot, be caught with tang Jianmin identity again.Although the police did not find out the murder of Li Jun case, but because of his robbery means very spicy, he was eventually sentenced to death.However through the thing that calls Tang Jianmin family to collect corpse, the police still figured out eventually, Zhang Wenhua sets the thing that next poisonous plan entrap harms two people.Xu hao also confessed to Zhang wenhua’s crime because he had found out about it.Justice has long arms.Some people want to take advantage of their intelligence for profit, but in the end, the illegal and criminal things have to pay a heavy price.The ancients said well: “is not not reported, the time has not come.”In addition, like Zhang Wenhua such fair-weather friends, or need to make a little less good!