“Lijiang Hot Spot” Spring Festival they stick to the “medical” line, protect health non-stop

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Early release | lijiang hotline APP before the Spring Festival, is a day to celebrate the lunar New Year, is a family reunion day of the Spring Festival, was the day of relatives and friends laughing, talk about ideal in this special day, they give away with family reunion still stick to jobs, watch for the peace of the third day life early in the morning, a dizzy headache patients came to the city people’s hospital emergency department visits,The doctor on duty carries on the relevant examination, asks the condition patiently, opens a list, the examination, the treatment, fills in the case……Nurses in each ward in infusion at the same time, but also did not forget to send New Year’s greetings to patients, just to let patients have a safe Spring Festival.Due to the particularity of the emergency department, Zhou Fen, chief physician of the emergency Department of Lijiang People’s Hospital, and her colleagues stick to their posts and protect their lives this Spring Festival as in previous years.The choice of the doctor is the choice of adherence.Zhou Fen told reporters that holiday adherence has become a habit, this year is the 23rd year zhou Fen in the Spring Festival post.”In fact, it’s not just me. Everyone goes with the flow during the holidays and goes on what class they should go on.My children are old enough to take care of themselves, and my family is supportive and understanding of my work.”There are many medical workers like Zhou Fen, who silently stick to their posts and protect the health and safety of the people.”Here, open your mouth wide, it won’t be long…”In the city hospital nucleic acid testing point, medical staff Zi Wenjin in the guidance of the tested personnel, in a short time, they completed the throat swab nucleic acid test sampling.Zi wenjin and her colleagues repeat the sampling process more times a day than they remember.”Many of my colleagues are already married and have children to take care of, so they can get together with their families during the Spring Festival.As an unmarried young man, I negotiated with my parents that I would be on duty and still be able to see my family after the Spring Festival.”Zi wenjin said that as a medical staff, I have the responsibility and obligation to stick to it.In order to provide nucleic acid testing services for people returning to their hometowns and travelers, Lijiang People’s Hospital will provide 24-hour NUCLEIC acid testing services for COVID-19 during the Spring Festival.From 7:30 to 11:00 in the morning, from 1:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon, and from 6 to 10 in the evening.We will dispatch 20 medical workers every day to carry out nucleic acid tests in hospitals.”Returning home, business trips, doctors…Against the backdrop of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, more and more people are in need of nucleic acid testing certificates. Behind the “should be tested” and “willing to test”, a large number of nucleic acid testing personnel are sticking to their posts.It is understood that in order to make health care during the Spring Festival, lijiang city people’s hospital medical personnel of each department in the hospital in turn unattended, the floor attendant is about 400 a day, a middle-level cadres of the administrative department for rotational 24 hours on duty, all medical staff, all security personnel in addition to study, to the countryside shift unattended, floor worker to keep the phone open 24 hours a day.In fact, not only in the city hospital, the city’s medical staff with dedication and perseverance, to build a “safety barrier” to protect life and health, to ensure that the masses of people spend a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.Behind every one of them, there is written “give up small home, for everyone” as a doctor. They are inseparable from the silent and selfless support of their families. Although medical staff cannot accompany their loved ones, they wait for more families, which is the basis of life and the highest trust and dependence in life.Reporter/Heqin editor/He Runhuang editor/Li Tiecheng hotline /0888 — 5112277 wechat/LijiangTV produced by Lijiang Broadcasting and Television Station