Old photo: Zeng Guofan’s beautiful granddaughter, a family photo of Peng Dehuai in the 1950s

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A family photo of Zeng Guofan’s granddaughter, Nie Qibi, with her husband and mother, zeng Jifen, the younger daughter of Zeng Guofan, in the 1930s.Nie Qibi was born into a wealthy family, delicate and charming appearance, is a real socialite.Her life is shrouded in all kinds of halo she, but it is difficult to understand, in the choice of marriage, she finally married a poor scholar to be his husband, and love him all his life.Wu Peifu in his portrait, taken in 1936 or so, carved inlaid frizzle eight imfairy table is really beautiful, the wall still hanging Wu dashuai “military attire” like.In his old age, Wu Peifu could only rely on the old ministry to help him live a tight life.In the winter of 1939, Wu Peifu because of eating dumplings were bone bone injury gums, under the introduction of Japanese spy Fantaro, find a dentist to see a doctor, was finally killed by the Japanese dentist.The photo of Mei Lanfang with his Japanese fans was taken in 1930. His appearance level was really very high when he was young. His handsome and clean face and tall and straight posture made countless people fall in love with him.Although art regardless of national boundaries, but mei boss in the face of the Anti-japanese national justice is not ambiguous, in order to cut off the Japanese draw, he later simply grow a beard, but also had three consecutive typhoid flu shots, pretending to be sick refused to perform.A family photo of Peng Dehuai, taken in the 1950s. Peng has no biological children. The children in the photo are his nieces and nephews.Peng Dehuai’s 2 younger brother Peng Ronghua, elder brother Peng Jinhua sacrifices for revolution successively, two younger brothers left 8 children in all.To treat these nieces and nephews, Peng Dehuai not only takes care of them in life, but also cares about their work. He always urges and teaches them carefully, so that they can become useful people in the society.In this old photo, soldiers of the 29th Army Broadsword are preparing to fight in a trench.The young face, the expression of death and the shining broadsword, these figures are heroic, broadsword, in the mountains and fields of Shouting and killing, the Devil terrified, countless casualties, looking very refreshing.