People at gump headlines | yi-ping chao: liujiaxia hydropower station 20 years keep good safety lifeline

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“We should firmly establish the” 100-1=0 “safety concept, do not cross the red line to hold the lifeline, control risks to win safety, standardize behavior to form habits, realize the safety of all staff, for production power.State Grid Gansu Liujiaxia Hydropower Plant hydraulic branch director Zhao Yiping this sentence is always hanging in the mouth.Root for more than 20 years, yi-ping chao at the grass-roots level, stick to ordinary, always practice with a communist party member’s mission, his mind is a good addition to the flag yi yi is unripe brightness, successively won the “outstanding communist party member of liujiaxia hydropower”, “province safety in production advanced individual”, “national power grid co., LTD. 2021 major power grid construction advanced individual” and other honorary titles.Brave and resolute ahead of the lead geese.Yi-ping chao’s hydraulic department responsible for the hydraulic structures of liujiaxia hydropower station, the workshop buildings, the maintenance of production facilities for flood control and drain flooding and on both sides of the upstream and downstream slope near dam and the management of production area environment, responsible for the deformation of the dam and hydraulic structures, uplift pressure, leakage and near dam safety monitoring of the reservoir bank landslide monitoring and running state of stability analysis,In charge of the operation and maintenance of the sluice gates and hoisting equipment of generating units, sluice gates and hoisting equipment of drainage buildings, dam top gate machines and tailing gate machines; in charge of the daily water situation and flood reporting of reservoirs, sediment discharge by heavy current in flood season, underwater topographic survey of reservoirs and revision of reservoir capacity curves.In 2021, the hydraulic branch will be responsible for the implementation of 98 engineering projects, with a wide range of points. At most, 18 projects will be carried out at the same time.Among them across spillway flood discharge tunnel arch bridge, PaiShaDong approach of maintenance and maintenance work of no.4 generator steel bridge maintenance, pipelining, 7, 8 traffic corridor construction protection and 6 machine exterior really stone paint spraying, four main dam and dam seepage control irrigation, small into the factory named reinforcement, sluiceway and oil system overhaul, demolition projects such as 1660 hydrocyclone are high risk project,He supervised the site every day, paid close attention to the construction site does not relax, control safety, ensure production.In and daunting, risk control project construction, he often work overtime, strengthen the communication with all parties to give top priority to implement the safety management, earnestly implementing on-site investigation before start working, the implementation of the dangerous point control counter measures, construction workers and machines in place, the construction, he strictly control the quality standards, complete each node of the project acceptance,Organize relevant personnel to carry out comprehensive acceptance work in time after completion.In working gate slot so we replaced the tunnel project, to the entire risk control, in the depth of 64 meters (about 20 storeys) of the shaft to climb the stairs every day two, the safety protective measures of staff on the spot, anchor construction drawing test, engineering progress and the strict request, make the project smoothly, after two months of hard fighting,Finally, the safe and high-quality completion of the construction task, highlighting the lead role of the person in charge of the field.A determined leader.”With diamond diamond, and then pull porcelain live”.Zhao Yiping attached great importance to the training of young employees, organized the development of training plans for young key personnel, and set training classes on site to enable young workers to integrate into project management as soon as possible.He asked young workers to take charge of the project. At the construction site, he shared his work experience with young workers to help them combine the construction technology and process with the theoretical knowledge they have learned.He often to the young man said that he always adhere to lack what fill what, supervise and urge each team training on demand, require a training every quarter, in the ERP order to deal with, safety control platform application and construction plan of writing special training, to enhance the comprehensive quality of young employees, makes the green good employees.His innovation form for safety training, always adhere to the safety in production and management benefit both hands to grasp, both hands to hard principle, promote employees to foster and improve the safety consciousness, adjust their attitude, strictly implement responsibility of the position, consciously cultivate the rigorous work attitude, good at communication good working habits, strictly implement the “two ticket SanZhi”, seriously jurisdiction equipment maintenance,Timely handling of equipment defects, no habitual violations of regulations, and strive to do a good job in equipment operation management and maintenance, establish safety awareness, overcome fluke mentality, eliminate the lax thought of paralysis, with a practical work style, to implement safety into every work.He actively promotes reform and innovation, advocates the improvement of equipment automation level through technological innovation, and strives to promote the construction of smart power plant. He has organized and completed the transformation of internal monitoring system and installation of wireless device of seepage monitoring system in Taohekou Sand-drainage cave, which greatly improves the working efficiency.In the face of new technologies, new materials and new processes, he kept exploring and researching, and guided young workers in the sub-field to apply for “Reservoir Siltation Measurement Application Project based on Multi-beam sounding System”, which won the silver prize in the Provincial Youth Innovation Competition….The sea does not choose small streams, so it can become large;Only when a mountain is not confined to its fine soil can it be high.In the new era, with the new opportunities and challenges, Zhao Yiping will continue to contribute to the construction of an international leading energy Internet enterprise with Chinese characteristics with strong determination and strong morale.