Qingdao youth volunteer anti-epidemic commandos, departure

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Qingdao job recruitment, Qingdao recruitment network public number Qingdao youth volunteers anti-epidemic commandos, go!Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Qingdao Youth League Municipal Committee acted quickly and issued the “Build a Defense line of Youth, brave Exhibition of Youth Responsibility” — to the city’s youth League organizations at all levels, the majority of youth league members and youth initiative and epidemic prevention and control youth commando recruitment order. The city’s youth League organizations at all levels and the majority of youth League members and youth commandos responded positively. Less than 24 hours, on the basis of the existing team,More than 400 young volunteer commandos were quickly organized from across the city and went to Laixi on March 13 to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work.Youth league organizations at all levels and the vast majority of members of the youth in the city with practical action to show the youth bear, 勇做 decision deployment of young practitioners, outbreak of young volunteers, healthy home one of the youth, youth of the authoritative information promulgator, boost the city’s determined to win the epidemic prevention and control of great battle, battle, encounters, war.2: A new “tropical rainforest” on saline-alkali land!In a time-lapse shot, the main pavilion of the Eastern Eden Project appears as the day flies by, tower cranes swing back and forth, mechanical vehicles shuttle and landmark buildings rise from the ground.On July 23, 2021, the main source structure of the main venue will be completed;On August 18, the steel structure of the main venue was successfully hoisted.On October 13, the steel structure of the main pavilion was closed…After a whole year of intensive construction, the Eastern Eden Project located in Jiaozhou Bay is announcing its “growth” to the outside world with its unique architectural style.Today, driving in the jiaozhou bay cross-sea bridge, overlooking built on a piece of barren land in the round dome architecture has a prototype show silver, steel structure, overall modelling fluent, the scale is huge, a dozen aerial work personnel armed walking on it, fireproof coatings, through a calibration carried out construction work.”The landmark building is the Storm Forest Pavilion, and the steel structure is now complete, which means the skeleton is already in place.”East Eden project project director Zhu Guanghui said.