Safari browser and Apple AR/VR headset support WebXR

2022-08-06 0 By

As the most valuable tech company in the world, Apple often makes decisions that reverberate strongly across the industry, RoadtoVR reports, with recent evidence that WebXR will be supported in Safari and Apple AR/VR headsets.WebXR is a Web standard designed to enable developers to develop WebXR content directly, and while Safari in Cardboard’s time had some basic support for the previous standard (WebVR), Apple didn’t do much to support WebXR.That’s about to change now that developer Maximiliano Firtman has discovered four new experimental WebXR features in Safari, the latest version of iOS 15.4 beta.Firtman noted that these features are currently only available for external devices, and believes that “this is in preparation for Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headsets.”Given that Apple promotes AR on iOS devices and may want to use WebXR to enable developers to take advantage of iOS’s ARKit capabilities, it is likely that even if the current experimental feature is only for external devices, Apple will more fully support WebXR in future versions of Safari.Just a few months ago, Apple advertised for a “WebKit 3D Graphics engineer,” specifically mentioning WebXR as part of the position’s responsibilities.Last month, Apple posted a job listing for “interactive testing frameworks and prototyping engineers,” listing “OpenXR, WebXR development experience” as an “additional requirement.”Safari support for WebXR has been in the works for a long time. WebKit is the underlying engine of the Safari browser. According to the WebKit bug-tracking website, work on building the core WebXR device API began in early 2020, and it’s unclear whether Apple will adopt all of WebKit’s WebXR features.But judging by the first WebXR support for Safari in iOS 15.4 beta, Apple is supporting the standard in a substantial way.