Success or failure is feld, the last time repeatedly missed opportunities, guangzhou team win where?

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Trailing by as many as 19 points in the opening game, Felder and his team struggled, leading by five points at the end of the game, but were sloppy in the final moments and missed, while Chen played with a steady 7-0 run to win.In the final analysis, the winning or losing of the two teams is determined by the tactical literacy at the last moment. Guangzhou team cooperated with the two core players in an orderly way in attack and defense, while Shanxi team gave the ball to Field to attack by himself. The attack was too simple and was repeatedly defended by the opponent, leading to the final missed opportunities.Returning from a two-game suspension, Felder was eager and in high spirits for the game, once trailing by 19 points in the first quarter, leading his team in the second and third quarters to catch up, and finally losing in the late fourth quarter. Unfortunately, the two teams combined to contribute a good ball for the fans.Guangzhou beat Shanxi Fenjiu 101-95 in the 27th round of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) New Year’s Game, which kicked off at 15:00 Beijing time on January 25.The score was 36-22, 21-29, 26-29, 28-28 in four quarters.At the beginning, Guangzhou team led 5-0, but The Shanxi team entered the game a little slowly. After that, the shanxi team started to attack, field and Xing Zhiqiang hit three points repeatedly, and when Yuan Shuai hit two points from the free throw line, the Shanxi team beat the opponent 10-11.Since then, Guangzhou team fired on the 3-point line, Tian Yuheng hit two 3-pointers, an 11-0 offensive wave, 21-11 to open the lead, Field began to shoe inappropriate problem, lost focus, resulting in the team offense and defense chaos.Before the three break up feeling also disappeared suddenly, when du Feng nephew identity and for people familiar with the young tong Jiajun surprise, a wave of magic operation — even 8 points, three shots three, the two teams difference opened to 19 points, 30-11, the west team began to play Mongolian circle.Zhou zhandong stepped up in time to break the scoring drought with a 2-pointer and then hit a 3-pointer to help the team stem the bleeding with Simmons.At the end of the first quarter, 35-22, Shanxi lost by 14 points in the first quarter. Tong Jiajun’s sudden outburst was one of the reasons for opening the score. It was not a big problem that Shanxi team chose to release this young man’s strategy in defense.The second reason was that Felder’s shoes didn’t fit properly, causing him to fall and even call a timeout, distracting him with three points and no assists in the first quarter.All guns blazing this is field’s section, all guns blazing.The second section of the game, Guangzhou offensive firepower began to weaken, the score has been hovering around 14 points.Only played two minutes simons no contribution, Yang Xuezeng guidance field change, the West team began to chase the journey.Felder and Yan pengfei, from the acceleration and pick-and-roll play, found the team’s offensive and defensive rhythm, quickly narrow the gap.With 3:32 left in the game, Fielder double-teamed Yan for a 49-41 dunk that cut the lead to single digits.Then Field dripped a 3-pointer to stop Guangzhou 49-44.Guangzhou was beaten 9-0 in two minutes.It was not until Leaf scored under the basket that Guangzhou team put their fire back on.In the first minute and 28 seconds, the score was 51-48, Zhu Mingzhen hit a three-point shot at a 45-degree Angle on the right side, which is the sweet spot of guangzhou’s three-point shot. The three-point shot shot from this direction has a high hit rate, as if there is a special delivery channel.Leaf drew a double team and passed the ball to his teammates for a two-point, 57-51 halftime.Single section 21-29, Shanxi recovered 8 points.Felder scored 13 points and Yan Pengfei added 14 as the duo used a pick-and-roll to destroy Guangzhou’s defense, but Leaf’s late-quarter surge helped halt the team’s slide.Xing Zhiqiang scored three points to open the third quarter of the game.Zhou Zhandong struck while the iron was hot, his three points hit shanxi team away from the opponent only one point.The two teams at one point on the line began a fierce fight, the game into a stalemate.Tian Yuheng bottom corner of the third three hit, the difference opened to 4 points, immediately the west team to respond.The third quarter of the game 6:08 seconds, Yuan Shuai left 45 degrees Angle hit a 3-pointer, 70 to 71, the west team finally for the first time over the opponent.At 2:10, Ge went to the free throw line and scored his first point of the game.Chen yingjun took the ball and shook Zhou down, missed two points and grabbed the rebound. Zhou zhandong got up quickly and challenged Chen for the second time. When the opponent broke through again with speed, he directly brought Chen down.Back to look at the process of slow motion, the original was first turn Zhou Zhandong some discretion, he Chen Yingjun by a very small, the actions of the referee did not find, leakage whistle to weeks of retaliatory action, at the same time, he also ran the ball to action, just with big power, so the referee to see, not upgrade.Ge zhaobao slipped on Leaf, who dunked it 83-80 to end the third quarter.Leaf continued to ravage under the basket, mountain west team’s attack in field attracted, all points have performance, the two teams played a chess match.Tactical quality of the victory of the fourth quarter 6:15 seconds, Field golden chicken independent hit two points, 93-94, shanxi team again over, then leaf’s attack, the ball was broken by Xing Zhiqiang, fast break basket received field pass hit, 93-96 stop Guangzhou team.Guo Kai missed the ball after a timeout and shanxi shot it again, 93-98, giving them their biggest lead of the game.Shanxi team began to repeatedly false attack, to the third minute of the game, Guangzhou team hit a 6-0 reverse score, 99-98.Feld repeatedly failed to hold the ball strong attack are shot by strong interference, and Chen Yingjun repeatedly by the pick-and-roll into the basket to score, the two teams at the last moment of attack and defense reflects guangzhou team more disciplined, more reasonable play.Field in the end of the game was handled by Chen Yingjun down, single strength is obvious field is stronger, but the gap between the two teams attack and defense tactical literacy, so that shanxi team lost the advantage.Zhu Mingzhen missed the 3-point shot, Guo Kai grabbed the rebound, the ball again in his hands, facing Ge Zhaobao block in the same position, hit the game-killing 3-point shot, only 36.9 seconds left in the game, 107-102, five points margin, Guangzhou team’s chances of winning the game increased.Field missed a 3-pointer, leaf scored 109-102 for a fast break dunk, and The Shanxi team handed the ball to the bottom corner of Ge Zhaobao for a 3-pointer. It was too late, and the game stopped at 111-105, and Guangzhou won.The game still has half time, the score leading shanxi why can’t defend the victory?Some fans believe that Ge Zhaobao’s debut is a failure of Yang guidance.From the point of view of the score, Yan Pengfei cut down 18 points +8 boards, and Ge Zhaobao only 7 points +7 boards, the state is really better than the former, but before the game, Ge Zhaobao reflects the big picture, as well as the passing vision is Yan Pengfei can not be compared, this is the reason for Yang guidance use Ge Zhaobao.Seemingly reinfeldt’s singles, actually the root of the problem in a simmons’s hip, not to share the more pressure, nine minutes to play only 3 points into account, “app” in 38 minutes, to a drop in the fourth quarter, the last time on the physical, in the case of been stare at repeatedly hit, shanxi no variants, it is the overall or can use the thickness of the personnel shortage,And guangzhou team has leaf and Chen Yingjun two big kill.