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In the 21st century, the appearance level of the era of “responsibility”, people particularly care about their skin changes, especially for girls who love beauty, always want to let the skin aging slower, wrinkles less.After all the sort of method that protect skin, can let the skin return to be young, but, light depends on brain to think, do not make actual action, the skin won’t change forever, actually, protect skin and reduce weight are same, it is to need very long process, it is to see the effect very hard inside short time, it is to need the perseverance that holds to and confidence ability do get.Want to restore skin young, start with a skin care work, the second is to pay attention to diet, do not eat greasy, spicy and excitant food, there is less to stay up late, drink hot water more at ordinary times, after all, the human body is 70% water, but also pay attention to exercise more, as long as can insist for a long time to our skin better.I believe that many female compatriots are particularly envious of the skin of stars, such as: lovely zhao Liying, Ouyang Nana and other stars.Let’s talk about Zhao Liying first.Now zhao Liying has been promoted to mother, skin condition does not decrease, and better than before giving birth to the child maintenance, especially the graceful body, but also make people envy unceasingly, completely do not see her this year has been 34 years old.As one of the newest actresses in the entertainment industry, Ouyang Nana is both talented and beautiful. Now 21, Ouyang nana not only looks cute, but also has good skin. Compared to Wang Yuan, Yi Yangqianxi has better skin.But for the rest of us, very few of us have celebrity skin, which shows how important good skin is to our appearance level.In fact, if you want to have the same skin as a star, you should do a good job of basic skin care at ordinary times.Basic skin care everyone should know, in fact, the cause of poor skin condition, it is the skin serious “water shortage” brought about, only to the skin enough water, to make skin condition good, and “water shortage” still can cause a few rows of problems such as closed acne.Accordingly, we must notice the skin ferial protect, do not wait for the skin to appear a problem to just think of protect skin, tie appearance not only wastes time to still waste money.Especially in the dry winter, the skin is easy to become dry, fragile, in addition to the influence of external factors, our skin, it is easy to become dry dark, coarse pores, wrinkles, fine lines, acne mouth will gradually appear on the face.How should avoid winter skin dry?Toner is essential. As a single product in winter, toner is especially useful, and it is especially fast. It has a strong moisturizing and moisturizing effect, and it has the effect of tonifying acne, slowing down wrinkles and shrinking pores.However, the toner aquatic products on the market, from big brands to the minority everything, really do not know which one to choose, afraid to choose contains irritating toner, damage to the skin, xiaobian is because usually do not pay attention to the skin, resulting in dry and rough skin, and the face also grew a lot of blain blain, skin color is particularly dark.In order to improve the skin condition, small make up especially careful in the choice of toner, but the effect is not too ideal, is when I am in trouble, work in watsons friends recommend me, Watson was “contempt” bright skin water, the effect is not lose estee lauder, but always someone too cheap, can effectively supplement skin moisture, desalt blain, reduce wrinkles, shrink pores.It is bodi VC toner, which is rich in triple hyaluronic acid, glycerin, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and other plant ingredients, can play a double hydrating effect, and to moisturize the skin at the same time, but also can promote metabolism, promote collagen, alleviate skin aging, but also has a very good antioxidant effect.Transparent water texture, liquidity is particularly good, but also very good absorption, the face is particularly moist, but will not appear dry and greasy feeling, and the ingredients contained in it is particularly safe, will not cause any burden to the skin.Xiaobian has been used for a long time, since the use of the Park Die VC skin toner, dry skin moist, thick pores shrink, acne, spots and acne are diluted, dark skin color has been very good improvement.Use it to nourish your skin before applying makeup to make it look more consistent and long-lasting, and you don’t have to worry about the appearance of powder powder.