To assist the implementation of efficient, timely closure of 80,000 square meters of land

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During this outbreak, the binhai new area court field police executive team to insist on the service general situation, faithfully perform legal responsibilities for the idea, bear as, dedicated, more than to send personnel to participate in the community, isolated point and epidemic prevention work, will help efficiently implement into practice, for the implementation of team and throughout the country entrusted court cases, provide service guarantee.Outbreak period, considering the country court execution property line continuation period, sealed executive field team for the first time make positive reaction, and all real estate registration centers within their respective jurisdictions, market supervision and administration, etc to assist in the timely communication unit, to master the various assist unit and epidemic prevention policy, and the precision of docking, the greatest degree to avoid the risk of outbreaks.At the same time, many police officers in the team assisted the epidemic prevention in the community and were in short supply. They took active responsibilities and handled each task with a serious and responsible attitude.On March 21, The Executive command Center of Tianjin High School issued the request for assistance from Shandong High School through the emergency guard system. The personnel on duty of the Executive Command Center immediately verified the case situation and determined the way of transferring materials with the real estate Registration Center.It is understood that this case is a large target financial loan contract dispute case filed and executed by Liaocheng Intermediate People’s Court in Shandong Province, and the term of more than 80,000 square meters of land seized is about to expire.In the process of commitments, the team back office and liaocheng then coordinate and real estate registration center, repeatedly confirmed, center office, urgent, urgent, in time for the property sealed up deadline outgoing letter, to get through the execution work “the last kilometer”, safeguard the legal interests of the parties, let brother court really feel for assistance in execution strength and temperature.Since the implementation of the field police team was established, it has always adhered to the principle of innovation, civilization and norms, actively responded to the call, fought against the epidemic, bravely shouldering the burden, and worked tirelessly to make the implementation of service better, to assist the implementation of a warmer background!(Written by Lu Mingfu, Executive Board)