Watch the Weather for Spring Festival: Rain, snow and cooling are expected on the last day of the long holiday

2022-08-06 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday is half over. What’s the weather like in the second half of the holiday?Check it out.During the Spring Festival, jiangsu province has frequent cold air activities and changeable weather, often accompanied by rain, snow, low temperature and fog.Tonight, along the southern jiangsu area will still appear relatively weak rain and snow weather.Jiangsu Province meteorological station chief assistant forecaster Liu Anning introduced, to February 4, 5 to the fine weather, including February 4, the province’s highest temperature can reach 8 to 9 degrees Celsius, the late 4 has a weak cold air down, and then to the 5th slightly cool, about the province’s highest temperature in 5 degrees to 6 degrees Celsius.Jiangsu province will see rain and snow again on Feb 6, the last day of the Spring Festival holiday.The lowest temperature in Huaibei reached -4 ℃, -1 ℃ in southern Jiangsu, and -3 ℃ in other areas.However, the weather was mainly cloudy during the day.In the southwest of Nanjing, rain and snow first began to fall in the afternoon and at night. On The 7th, there was light rain or sleet in the south of huaihe River, and the rain and snow in the south of Jiangsu province was likely to be moderate.As there will still be rain and snow in some areas, motorists should pay attention to safety and slow down when encountering slippery roads.The outdoor temperature is still relatively low, the body feeling is cold, people should pay attention to the cold and warm outside activities, to prevent the occurrence of cold, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.(Source: Jiangsu Public News Channel/Edited by Xu Ying/Jiang Jie)