Xiao Zhan first show set file year two, invited to the mainstream ceremony, CCTV olive branch has been thrown over

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Shaw war debut set file annual lunar calendar, was invited to many mainstream festival, CCTV’s olive branch has thrown over near the end of the year, cooperate with shaw war of many well-known brands have released the latest materials, such as overseas high luxury really force launched the latest blockbuster, shaw war again with the identity of the President, a short few seconds, each frame is large.In addition to this brand, other partners are also closely preparing for the New Year surprise, especially some old brands that have cooperated for a long time. The degree of effort can be seen in the details.What makes many people happy is that there is a warm relationship between Xiao Zhan and these “Party A”. They have already broken away from the cold contract. The two sides are friends, companions along the way, warm in winter and evening breeze in summer.In short, party A trusts him.The dynamic about Xiao Zhan is undoubtedly the most concerned about the outside world.Although there is no public appearance, but “Trump Card troops” hot broadcast not only let Gu Yanye hot circle, more let Xiao battle harvest more positive voice.During the period when the drama aired, Xiao Zhan’s short film “Back” was released, which not only cooperated with famous actor Zhao Wenzhuo, but also impressed director Jia Zhangke.In the interview, Jia Director of Xiao Zhan is also full of praise, praise his dedication and attitude, is a young actor should look like.Although there was a lot of stuffing, it was not quite ripe.For example, in terms of business endorsement, according to the previous schedule and frequency of official publicity, new cooperative brands should appear recently, but we haven’t seen any warm-up at present.There is no way to confirm some of the news passed to the network, especially the film and television resources.Earlier, there was a lot of overwhelming news that Xiao Zhan has been cast in the film “The Dream of the Sea”, and once again with Yang Xia teacher hand in hand.But according to the latest news, the show’s female lead has not been confirmed yet, so it is unlikely to start shooting.Although it is possible to check the show’s records, the more specific dynamic is completely outside speculation, without any factual basis, credibility is not high.Even so, Xiao zhan in the end of the stage or have very high expectations, as to which TV will appear, in fact, has more or less the answer.Recently, a VCR shot by Xiao Zhan to help the Winter Olympics has been officially recommended and ranked the top, the platform invites more viewers to log in with the CCTV international online “My Winter Olympics Village Adventure”.In addition to this positive energy move, Xiao Zhan was also invited to the mainstream ceremony, the New Year’s first show set the second day of the year, CCTV’s olive branch has been thrown over.As of now, the official website of international Entertainment Online has ranked the VCR of Xiao Zhancun Winter Olympics as the top, with more than millions of views.Young actors and more supporters cheer for the Beijing Winter Olympics, cheer for China ice and snow!Opening the winter Olympic village together with Xiao Zhan, this is another highly discussed topic, is undoubtedly a positive move.Moreover, this news has been confirmed by multiple official platforms, and the final footage will also be shown on CCTV. In short, Xiao Zhan has become a guest of CCTV and received the best olive branch.And as an entertainer, Xiao zhan can also use his influence to draw more people’s attention to the Winter Olympics and cheer for more Olympic athletes.Another piece of good news: Recently, the official rehearsal of China’s annual online audiovisual festival began, and Xiao Zhan’s appearance at the ceremony became a trending topic.According to Reuters pictures released by the media, Xiao zhan’s military-green outfit is no match for the hit TV show “Army Ace,” and he is charming in his hard work.Subsequently, this one news gets official confirmation, some broadcast platform has already decided xiao Zhan can attend network see and hear annual grand ceremony, will meet with the audience in the second day of the New Year.The official platform even invites viewers to guess what kind of stage xiao Fights will be on, songs or other performances?Guess it doesn’t matter, lock the second year can be.In addition to the annual gala, xiao zhan is likely to appear on the Spring Festival Gala of a local TV channel, according to Internet rumors, and bring a wonderful stage to the audience.While there are still some uncertainties, the VCR and ceremony related to the Winter Olympics are a done deal and will not change.After more than a year, Xiao zhan not only reaps high popularity, but also wins official favor with positive energy actions.In addition, the outstanding works of the leading actor have been broadcast, but also with its not uncommon strength and interesting soul captured the love of more audiences.Many people began to turn to fans and pay attention to this outstanding young actor. Some viewers even said, “As long as it is a drama starring Xiao Zhan, we must follow it!”Remember to lock in the second day of the New Year and pay attention to Xiao Zhan’s New Year debut!