Xinyang Central Hospital held a class on endoscopic treatment of portal hypertension and internal hemorrhoids

2022-08-06 0 By

In order to narrow the gap between clinical practice and guidelines of portal hypertension and endoscopy treatment of internal hemorrhoids, and improve the treatment effect and quality of life of patients, xinyang Central Hospital gastroenterology department held xinyang Portal hypertension and endoscopy treatment of internal hemorrhoids training class,The training class invited many famous experts from the province to visit Xinyang city.Dozens of young gastroenterology doctors from eight counties and two districts of Xinyang city signed up to participate in an academic exchange event with experts from all over the country.Xing-jun gao, vice President of the conference, xinyang central hospital in his speech affirmed its portal hypertension and hemorrhoids endoscopic treatment of digestive diseases team in the minimally invasive treatment of enterprising, points out that the diagnostic endoscopic “diversity”, treatment indications “bigger” is the developing trend of digestive endoscopy and emphasized the importance of the development of super minimally invasive.At the same time, hope is raised for the young doctors who come to study.In addition to theoretical training, experts also perform on-site operations and perform surgical demonstrations.This meeting played a role of mutual communication, mutual learning and common improvement, especially under the guidance and help of professors and experts, to better promote the healthy and rapid development of digestive endoscopy in Xinyang City.(Xinyang News hotline: 0376-6880376, email: “Elephant Escort Office” of tel: 180 0371 9699)