You think hair problems are caused by the scalp, sangu shampoo lets maintenance start from the scalp

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Some friends often encounter hair often oil, oil up is also particularly easy to lose hair problem?Don’t say two or three days to change oil, and even the next day on the oil also a lot of people in.A lot of people think it is hair problem, seek all sorts of shampoo that can go to oil, control oil, always discover however, a lot of shampoo that just washed clean hair grease effect is very good, let a hair more oily before long however.The reason why there is such a reason is that many of us do not know that those hair problems we think are caused by the scalp.So, how should conserve scalp?Sanya shampoo might be a good choice.Before answering why sangu shampoo can protect the scalp, we need to know first, why our scalp often out of oil?Do not know to call oneself oily hair qualitative friend has discovered, normally, when our hair changes oil, often is the hair root that press close to scalp becomes very oily, but more downward, the hair not only does not oil, the hair of some friends even still can have a bit dry.The same is the hair, if the head produces oil, theoretically speaking, whether the root or the hair, should present the same degree of oil?But that is not the case in reality.That’s because it’s not our hair that produces oil, it’s our scalp.As our scalp secretes more and more oil, it moves down our hair, gradually from the roots, and becomes what we eventually see as a “big oil field.”But why do they secrete oil?And why does the amount of oil you produce seem to be higher or lower?Which brings us to ceramide, an amazing substance in our scalp.It can play a protective barrier role in our body, whether it is moisturizing lock water, or reduce wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, delay skin aging, ceramide is indispensable.This important component, in our skin cuticle intercellular lipids occupy 40% of the proportion, visible its weight.However, ceramides in our bodies are not fixed, but are gradually lost with age.Once ceramide is lost, the protective barrier in the scalp is gradually weakened.Problems such as dry skin, water loss and oil secretion become increasingly apparent.On this point, xiaobian is deeply touched.Remember when reading, even if four or five days did not have time to wash hair, hair will not oil, but after graduation, almost three days do not wash hair oil is not good.But don’t worry, the ceramides in our scalp can be replenished in other ways, from diet to shampoo.Compared to the controversial diet therapy, the shampoo supplement is much more direct.As the main ingredient in sangu 424 shampoo, ceramide also led this product on the network fire, but in just over a year, so that this product has now become one of sangu’s most popular products this year.Had the blessing of ceramide, plus than ordinary shampoo sulfate table live more moderate surface active ingredients, amino acids and panthenol, rosemary, geranium oil, a variety of plant essence, such as interaction, make three valley shampoo from oil source of maintenance for the consumer, let us in the maintenance of the scalp, thorough implementation and oil, the wash the oil hair problems.