Hafer red rabbit tidal force awakening aesthetics directly to the aesthetic point of young people

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After opened the 80 circle of friends, life is mostly around a child and family, circle of friends, and through Z generation is quite different, individual character is dye-in-the-wood they are fashionable and intelligent technology of the sense of smell is very acute, whether zui trendy outfit, or zui new cell phone, they all want to income bursa, even the choice of car, refused to mediocrity, NashvilleWhat kind of car can meet the personality needs of gen Z youth?I think the new Dimensional Exciter huff Red Rabbit is the answer.”The eye is the window to the soul”, our first judgment of people, things and things often depends on what we see, and the first impression often provides the most important basis for our judgment.Although aesthetic judgment is subjective, but aesthetic sensibility has a rational design behind: Hafu red rabbit body shape according to the golden section law, increase a point is too long to reduce a point is too short, which gives it not common art and harmony.The horizontists’ choices tend to be capricious and simple, destined to love or not love at first sight.The first impression of Hafu red rabbit is its unique catapult dynamic car posture, which is said to be inspired by the athlete’s charging posture, presenting a strong visual impact and appealing power.This should not be the body every child athletes, but from future mecha – from the sound of cyber space time type front intake grille, headlights to new function matrix, from mecha blade waist line, to cyber punk through tail lights, each place the bold design of mental clarity, all is based on the global trend of fashion and future technology tentacles collision of aesthetics, and then made a maverickForce awakening aesthetics, so that the most difficult to get new dimensional groups are willing to fall.With the continuous progress of science and technology, intelligent devices are changing all aspects of our lives.Especially young people, they are all kinds of 3C digital products loyal fans, is also the main consumer group, and young people’s desire for intelligent life, naturally also extends to the purchase of cars.Inside the car, Harvard Red Rabbit adopts bold and clever color design, continuing its aggressive and sci-fi aesthetic language. First of all, the land battle flagship cabin is prepared for warmongers, and the sharp cut diamond lines instantly ignite the protagonist’s mood.Secondly, a 12.3-inch interactive touch screen with rich and perfect functions supports voice control, bringing futuristic immersive interactive experience.What suits each other well is the exquisite hollowed-out crystal file that arrives amazing, created the 5D space world that just can appear in science fiction blockbuster jointly.The interior space of Hafu Red Rabbit realizes the jumping progress of sensory order through the unique multi-dimensional interactive design of sight, hearing, touch and control, so as to raise the fighting value of young people at any time and carry on the romantic battle to the future generations.Strong power plus engine travel release vitality to the appearance of superior, more to the exquisite connotation.When it comes to connotation, hafer red rabbit is a high intensity heart beating in its cool body, which is the latest 1.5T engine with a variety of advanced technologies.This engine has a maximum power of 135kW and a peak torque of 275N·m. With the carefully adjusted 7DCT wet dual clutch transmission, its comprehensive efficiency reaches more than 96% and the maximum efficiency exceeds 98%. The result is that the zero hundred acceleration time of Hafu Red Rabbit is measured at 7.7s”Who else?”Of course, in addition to power control, Harvard red rabbit can be so popular, but also rely on better comprehensive conditions.For example, the Haffer Red Rabbit uses front and rear independent suspension to meet the needs of young people who want both comfort and driving sensation.When it comes to critical safety features, the Hafu Red Rabbit is more serious, including parallel assistance, active braking, lane departure warning, automatic parking, 360-degree video and other practical features that are very friendly to beginners.It is also a smart and understanding companion, and its intelligent facial recognition is advanced enough to recognize the driver’s emotions and recommend personalized experiences based on them, a trick not found in its class.What is more worth mentioning is that Hafu Red Rabbit is also equipped with the only FOTA vehicle at the same level of the whole range of remote upgrade, for the future function expansion and upgrade to provide the underlying architecture support, but with the improvement of intelligent technology to a more powerful future evolution is not the trend of generation Z?In general, Hafu Red Rabbit is indeed much ahead of the same products in terms of design, intelligent configuration and power, and it is also more suitable for the needs of contemporary young people.And the price is also very powerful, hafu Red rabbit only 109,800 yuan starting price, for young people just entered the workplace is also very friendly.