Henan: Food delivery man parks car on pedestrian street, gets locked when he comes back: stomping with his feet while sawing

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The food delivery boy stops his car in a pedestrian street in a hurry. When he returns, he finds the car locked. He picks up the saw blade and stomps with his feet while sawing.The food delivery industry has its own difficulties.With the development of society and the progress of the Internet, ordering take-out food has gradually become the preference of young people. Because of this demand, many young people choose to run take-out food.On the one hand, the threshold of this industry is relatively low, and there is no requirement for educational background and working experience, but the salary is much higher than that of other industries.Second, this industry belongs to the industry of doing more to get more, as long as you run the harder, the more you earn.This industry also belong to the service sector, but the same as long as the late delivery or send the products of the problem, then coming is bad review and complaints of the customers, it means that you are the company deduct money, this buckles money equals two or three days in vain, so a lot of take-away member choose to submit to humiliation, bow to win the favor of customers.The delivery boy parked his car in the pedestrian street for convenience, and when he came back, he found his car locked and he was so anxious that he sawed and chopped.On February 14, a delivery boy in Zhengzhou, Henan province, who was in a hurry to deliver food, left his car parked on the street while he delivered his food, only to find his car locked when he returned.According to an eyewitness surnamed Wang:Himself in the pedestrian street shopping when see take-away member holding a saw blade in sawing hard lock on the car, because of the walking street is no parking, so this lock should be the property of the security personnel to lock, take-away member was very urgent, should be rushing to send next meal, with a chain saw some time begin with the feet in a holiday lock, it took about three or four minutes of time to get lock to open,Then ride on the electric car hurry to go.Life is not easy, forgive when you can.Now many shopping malls and pedestrian streets are prohibited from parking vehicles, mainly for fear of bringing unnecessary trouble to customers, so ordinary people will not park in this place when they see a no parking sign.Perhaps the delivery clerk’s food delivery time was nearly over, so he urgently rode the electric bike to the pedestrian street. Although he only stopped for a while, he failed to get the understanding of the property staff and ruthlessly locked the car.On the other hand, the takeaway man did not swear because the car was locked, but took out the saw blade from the trunk, and tried his best to saw, until finally saw the bike ride away, the takeaway man did not say a dirty word, so the quality of the takeaway man is still quite high.Xiaobian point of view: The delivery man parked his car on the pedestrian street should not stop is wrong first, but this is also forced, all for life, can understand understand, after all, are out to work, no one is better than who, why bother people.There is nothing wrong with the property management personnel doing their best, but after all, the delivery man had a reason for doing something and there was a human interest outside the law. There was no need to lock the car directly. Would it be more humane to stick a warning note on the car?The best solution is to set up a temporary parking area for the delivery personnel on the pedestrian street. After all, the parking time will not be too long, so that the delivery personnel can abide by the rules, and the property management personnel can save a lot of time. Why not have the best of both sides?