In the Beginning, Police officer Jiang played BL network drama, and the bathtub photo is so attractive to me!

2022-08-07 0 By

First ask everyone, these two handsome men you like which one?This small Wolf dog Jiang police officer do not miss, this time I finally caught the bag!Ah sheng I was a sword read, was his this body police uniform fan, really is too handsome, too like!The important thing is she’s been on another show. Have you seen it? I have to say the little brother is really skinny in his clothes and his body is so sexy and so handsome and so attractive but I think his timing is just fine.After that, he also transformed in other places and made breakthroughs. After all, many people who started their business from online dramas want to continue to cash out as soon as possible after receiving dividends, while few people turn to learn online acting classes (I didn’t say it was bad for them to cash out).